This week in the yard

by Rainbow Bobbins

I’m trying to learn how to propagate clematis from seed…hmmm…It looks like a lot of work — need to do some reading on this topic.
The first Dahlia bloom – seem here with the Shirley poppies gone wild.
The rose below is “Dolly Parton” – yes, I bought it because I love Dolly Parton but also because it smells sooo good. I planted her last fall and she is not doing so good – bad case of black spot. In the background is a hydrangea a co-worker gave me as a house warming gift almost two years ago and my latest rose bed addition “shockwave” in the back right.

Below is the little bamboo/coral bark maple corner that was completed in April — I am so happy to see how much this area has grown. Well most of it has grown.

This bamboo below was purchased from some craigslist dude and is supposed to be fargasia  robusta. Mostly it just looks dead:

This bamboo below  was  bought from a vendor at a garden show – It has gained some height and is doing alright. It is also fargasia  robusta.

This bamboo below was purchased from Bamboo Garden Nursery – a mecca for all things bamboo – and it is going gangbusters! It has put on a ton of  height and has over 6 new shoots. Lesson learned – buy from the best (or at least a legit) nursery when you really want your plants to thrive.
In other news – did I mention I have poppies and they make me really happy? Ha!

Above — I scattered the columbine seeds that were collected last July and now there are little columbine plants everywhere. Below is the left fir understory which is holding up nicely in the heat.