This week in the yard

by Rainbow Bobbins

Pretty NOID rose out in force! Below – the veg garden below is looking a little wild. Next year = prune tomato plants early. It is so cool to see how large the tomato plants are in the raised beds.
It is hard to get a sense of scale from this picture but for comparison sake, below is a picture of the tomato plants from last year that were NOT planted in a raised bed. They are much smaller:
Below: The butterfly bush got a hard chop in late April (as it had last year) and it came back blooming!

Back in May the lawn around the base of the left fir tree was smothered to expand the planting beds.  Because I have a moratorium against new plant purchases I searched around the yard this past weekend to see what I could transplant to this area. Basically I found what I have historically thought of as enemy plants: aggressive spreaders like Bishops Weed and Sweet Woodruff.  My rational is that I’m a cheapskate and this area is challenging: deep shade, transplanted rocky/clay soil and little water. If these plants can’t grow here then…? I took some plugs of blood grass and threw them in here too along with some columbine that had been popping up around the yard.
Because I am weak-willed I also ended up with the plants below from Portland Nursery: An Ostrich Fern, St. Johns Wort and a hard fushia (not pictured).
We’ll see how that all works out. Below are the blooms in the yard – the poppies and dahlias are still going strong, the first of the nasturtium opened up, the 2nd sunflower arrived along with the very first sweet pea (yay!) and one final plant indulgence – my first echinacea – also from Portland Nursery.