This week in the edible garden

by Rainbow Bobbins

20140728-090205-32525842.jpg Harvesting: Green beans, summer squash, herbs, kale, chard Planting: Nada Growing: tomatoes, green beans, beets, cucumber (tiny cukes this week – see above), zucchini, summer squash, pumpkin, chard, kale, grapes, blueberries, sweet peas, herbs of all sorts Gave up on:  Nothing this week – the garden seems to be in a happy place. 20140728-090229-32549112.jpg   Above – Pumpkin! It is putting on rapid growth – I need to put some netting up before I lose it to crows. This week is also my first harvest of green beans. 20140728-090227-32547014.jpg 20140728-090228-32548074.jpg   20140728-090259-32579700.jpg 20140728-090353-32633331.jpg 20140728-090352-32632423.jpg 20140728-090352-32632003.jpg 20140729-093210-34330267.jpg
Yes!!!! I see some reddening happening on that tomato! Speaking of which – the tomatoes are out of control but last night I checked out our friend, Sarah’s, tomato trellis system and I have some ideas for next year. I should have taken a photo – below is our tomato tangle. The scale is off but the plants on the right  are nearing 7ft tall. 20140729-093211-34331008.jpg 20140729-093209-34329423.jpg   One last pumpkin shot with my shoe for size reference.