400 Posts!

by Rainbow Bobbins

This is the 400th Post! 400 posts in 7.7 years of blogging – that is about 51 posts per year, 4 posts a month dating back to January 2007 . This blog celebrated 300 posts in June of last year – so the blogging pace is picking up with 100 posts in 13 months averaging a little over 7 posts per month.

400 Posts in total
7.7 years of blogging
40,013 views in total — that is 6177 more views since my 300th post – about half what I gained from the previous 100 posts which basically means my writing & content are boring and no one cares! I’m cool with that.
1724 is the number of times Pinterest has driven traffic to the blog
128 Blog views on my busiest day (that did not change from the previous 100 posts) I think it was shortly after a post involving girls weekend and bikinis – go figure. Any one searching for bikini content was probably disappointed to find pictures of g-weekend found art and nature quilts
4 Top picks for random search terms that lead people to this blog over the last year “ceramic bacon press”; “converse fetish”; “cut off wolf heads”; “parasitic twin”.

Goals for the next 100 posts: Use the blog to track progress in the garden – specifically for the vegetable garden so I can document which type of seed/variety of plant was most productive as well as planting and harvest times. Go on more hikes and make a PacNW hiking page with links to all the hikes I’ve done so I can remember my favorites.