Let the guest bedroom begin!

by Rainbow Bobbins

We start with the walls. Look what we found under 4 layers of wallpaper and paint:

The original 1955 wallpaper pasted directly onto unprimed drywall. I kinda want to save it but it is in bad shape. Below you can see the plaid pattern they chose to complement the cowboy ranch scene on the other side of the room:


We are allllllmoooost done with the master bedroom (started a year ago). Clothing just went back into the master closet (Char let me have this one). I’m not fond of clutter and would happily wear a uniform due to a lack of any fashion sense. With that in mind I took this opportunity to  clear out old clothes and streamline.  With the closet freshly painted and the nudist video stash removed the doors open to this:

It is missing a laundry basket and a couple of pairs of shoes that are going to be repaired but aside from that — Yay for the new simple closet. Of course all the clutter needed to go somewhere so  – keeping it real – here is the room we call “the office”. It became the dumping/sorting ground and is next up for remodeling:

Explosions of color and clutter! This room is my favorite in the house – it is cozy with great lighting – a favorite spot to read.  I did peel back a couple layers of  the granny wallpaper to see what we are in for:



I spot a little foot — I wonder who is under there? Good times of peeling walls and trips to the Salvation Army ahead!