This week in the edible garden

by Rainbow Bobbins


Harvesting: Pumpkins, the last of the summer squash, last of the cucumber,  the last of the green beans, tomatoes galore, herbs, kale, beets.

I decided to harvest pumpkins – the vine was starting to rot and the rot was creeping its way to the stem of the pumpkin. They should  keep until jack-o-lantern season in late October.  We got two big pumpkins this year – not bad for a volunteer vine that grew from the rot of the one puny pumpkin I grew last year! It has been fun to try out gourds this year. The vine is taking over the garden and climbing over 20 feet up into the lilac tree! They gourds are starting to bulk up now and the vine is still producing shoots and flowers like crazy!




Above you can see the gourd vine climbing the lilac. These evening i-phone shots are a bit blurry. Below you can see this is becoming a sad, late season, droopy little garden:


One great thing about this time of year is the abundance of ripe heirloom tomatoes. More than we can keep up with. We did indulge in a special treat – deluxe BLTs with garden fresh heirloom tomatoes, fancy garlic mayo, fresh sourdough bread, basil from the garden and Carlton Farms bacon. Oh my…these were gooooood.


Clearly we have a few more tomato dishes in our immediate future. To round out the season I would like to put in a few fall crops in the raised beds, plant a cover crop in the rest of the garden and put some garlic bulbs in the ground – a project for this weekend perhaps?