Garden 2014/Garden 2015

by Rainbow Bobbins

According to a Google search President’s Weekend is the time to prune roses in the Pacific Northwest. It’s time to dust off the garden tools. Here are my garden goals for 2015:

Garden 2015 Goal #1: Build the grape trellis. I purchased all the supplies last summer but didn’t get around to the install. Here are the 3rd year grape vines from early summer 2014:
Garden 2015 Goal #2:
Plant the garden nook. I cleared out the forsythia that used to be in this space back in 2013. In 2014 this spaced hosted a hodgepodge of herbs, dahlias and poppies. This year I would like to install a trellis, small stone patio and plants of course! I imagine reading out here with lemonade in the summer.

Garden Goal 2015 #3: Less grass, more plants. In general

Here is a look back at some changes to the garden in 2014:
The mail box got a make over:


The bamboo bed was completed:20140413-184118.jpg


We transplanted the Sangukaku maple that we originally picked up back in October 2012:



In Spring 2014 we added new cedar beds to the veggie garden:

The right under story grew in:
The left fir understory was expanded:

After doing nothing in the yard over the winter months I’m ready to get back out there.