Around the yard

by Rainbow Bobbins

Spent some time in the yard over Easter weekend. Happy to see fiddleheads on some of the ferns.

Bacon bowl broke over the winter from the freeze but its plant holdings look healthy and alive! The pretty hellebore below was added to the yard last year.  The collection of plants below is from the dark shady depths of the right fir understory. Spriderwort “Sweet Kate” has grown like gang busters here – such a nice bright surprise in an area that is difficult to find plants that work. The brunnera and epimedium were not cutting it here so that have new homes in other parts of the yard. Hey…there used to be a second heuchera around here somewhere…one nice thing about the blog is I can go back and check

  Another bright surprise in the deep shade of the right fir tree is the Kerria Japonica – planted two years ago in 2013 — it is just now starting to pick up and bloom.

        And just one picture, below, of the Left Fir Tree understory…I put some fast spreading plants in this area…I might regret that.