This week in the edible garden

by Rainbow Bobbins

Over Easter weekend we got the first starts in the raised beds. Chard, broccoli, spinach and lettuces.

I worked some compost into the beds and transplanted the potatoes to a new spot in the garden.

 The garlic is doing well below. I plan to plant lettuces and radishes in between the garlic until it is time for tomato starts.

It is difficult to see below but those two posts and the wire in between are the grape trellis going up at last. Yay! One item off the 2015 garden bucket list. In the foreground is the new potato bed.

I picked up a new blueberry plant

Below is  the state of my other 2015 garden to-do item – my garden ‘nook’ for reading and relaxing. Man have I let this area go. Here is what it looked like one year ago. And in 2013. Hmm…seems to be on an aesthetic decline. This project will keep me busy this summer: I see a trellis, paver patio, tons of herbs, an artichoke, vine maple, a couple of roses and poppies.

A couple of shots of final days of these sweet tulips