This week around the yard 4.12.2015

by Rainbow Bobbins

 Hello Hosta! Between hailstorms over the weekend I snapped a couple of pictures of the glowing right fir understory. This area is really coming alive. It is still a very experimental spot – I’ve killed many a plant in this area and am still learning what plants will thrive. One day it will be chock full of plants so thick you won’t see the ground. It is so bright and alive compared to how it looked in 2013.    

Above – the lilac has blossomed and below the very first of the dahlias have started to emerge.

Above is a little fern I picked up from the Soil and Water Conservation District’s Native Plant Sale. And below is one of the creepy face pots I made in beginner community college ceramics class — it gets a nice patina and creepier with age. 

Wowzers – I spied the first rose “Pumpkin Patch” – along with other pretty blooms from around the yard.

Next weekend is the HSPO sale! I must practice some self control and stay focused on my plant wish list: Mahonia ‘Soft Caress’; Astilboides tabularis; Begonia ‘Benichoma’; Syneilesis aconitifolia – shredded umbrella plant; Schefflera taiwaniana, Hydrangea ‘little honey’; more Fargesia Robusta bamboo…that’s a start. Also…very inspired by the sod removal from Just a Girl with a Hammer — it looks exhausting but what a difference! Maybe a project for next year?