Hortlandia Haul > HSPO Plant Sale

by Rainbow Bobbins

The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon’s Hortlandia plant sale was this past weekend at the Portland Expo Center. The annual plant pilgrimage always busts my budget on plants that I will likely kill.  My eyes are definitively bigger than my garden beds. Despite making a short list of carefully curated plants to purchase — I got way off course and purchased a bunch of plants I either don’t need or don’t know anything about. So many plants, so little plant knowledge. Here is what came home with me:Above: Impatiens Omeiana. This is one that I had no idea about but after Googling it I am pleased. If it lives and spreads I will love it under the left fir tree. Unlike the sweet woodruff I planted there in my impatience to have that area filled in. What was I thinking?Metapanax delavayi – False Ginsing from the Cistus Nursery booth. As I was headed out two people told me how much they love having this plant in their yard. Maybe it will one day be a great green screen along the property line. Below is a osmunda claytoniana –  interrupted fern. We now have very many ferns. Below is a Fargesia Robusta to replace the dud I bought off of some random Craigslist dude.Below, A new color of columbine to mix it up with the purple columbine I collected and scattered seed from

Above, hosta “orange marmalade”. These two seemed a bit risky. Above is Mukdenia Rossii – never heard of it before but was happy to read that the leaves turn a nice crimson color during certain times of the year. It looks delicate…I’ll kill it in no time. I did manage to do that with the plant below…sheeeez! It only took three days and this Gunnera Manicata Reddish was both limp and crispy. Annoying.

Above – this was a very random grab as I headed to the check out line. It is Aucuba Japonica “Clear Picture” -again from the Cistus booth. It was a good pick for our yard as it likes deep shade. Does it like deep neglect from a lazy novice gardener? Only time will tell. Below is a yellow flowered trillium with a great leaf pattern. It will make a nice partner to the existing solid-leafed, pink & white flowered trillium growing around the yard. Also picked up a lovey Japanese painted fern and two dahlia tubers – Mrs. Kennedy and RazMaTaz from Old House Dahlias. So that is the haul for 2015. May these plants live long and prosper. Even the Gunnera.