Hike: Dry Creek Falls

by Rainbow Bobbins

Hiked Dry Creek Falls this past weekend. This is a 4.2 mile out and back hike that starts at the Oregon side of the Bridge of the Gods. The hike starts on Pacific Crest Trail headed taking you under a freeway overpass, past power lines all set to the tune of the highway traffic. As you get deeper into the hike the scene gets quieter and more scenic as you approach Dry Creek. Hang a right around 2 miles at the bridge junction and head a quarter mile up the creek to Dry Creek Falls. This is a pretty little hike with minimal elevation gain. We did not see many people along the trail on a very sunny Sunday afternoon.  Below are the wildflowers spotted along the trail in order of appearance (1) Not sure but I think it might be a sharp-lobed hepatica? (2) Trilium (3) Calypso Bulbosa – Fairy Slipper (4) Trilium (5)  NOID