Hike > Ape Caves + Lava Canyon

by Rainbow Bobbins

This past weekend Portland hit 90 degrees – hot stuff. We are lucky in the Pacific Northwest to have many options for cooling off with beautiful lakes, the nearby coast and rivers galore. We also have lava tubes! On Saturday we headed north to hike the lava canyon trail then cooled off with a trek through the Ape Caves which stay 42 degrees year around. This area is gorgeous and is definitely high on the camping/exploration destination list. Even the drive along the 503 through Amboy was amazing. There are tons of opportunities for water sports, fishing and chilling along the Lewis River, Yale Lake and Lake Merwin not to mention gorgeous hikes around Mt. St. Helens. What a cool area with an interesting history. Both the Lava Canyon Hike and the Lower Ape Cave are easy 1-1.5 mile hikes with a longer 1.5 mile option on the upper cave.

  Above – waiting for people to cross the bridge so we could bounce on the suspension bridge. Looking down below.

This is our second lava tube & volcano visit in the less than a month. We are on a roll! Below Char touches the meatball in the Ape Cave.

  The entrance to the cave below. Good times.