Mailbox Update: 2014>2015

by Rainbow Bobbins

In May 2014 I decided I was going to get all gardener on my weedy patch of mailbox land. It was looking sad:


I scrubbed the mailbox, removed the grass and the useless Oregonian paper holder and did a little plant shopping around the yard and in local nurseries.  I ended up planting Tasmanian Tiger Euphorbia (I think), A random cistus that we bought off of some craigslist dude, 2 random sedums – I think one is ‘Angelina’?, a Yucca ‘color guard’, Euphorbia Fire Glow. After planting in May 2014 it was looking like this:20140513-122933.jpg

 Below is a picture of how it looks today. Not very artful but grown in and more pleasing to my eye than weedy lawn.
This area is still a little light on rocks but that is because I have dug every single one of them out of my yard by hand. I only killed one plant in this area so far- the Lithodora diffusa ‘Grace Ward’ is a goner. Not bad!