Garden Edibles Update 6.17.15

by Rainbow Bobbins

 Well, the garlic was a bit of a flop this year. Many of the bulbs did not quite bulk up. This seems to be the general trend in the garden. Nothing is thriving despite building raised beds and adding special 4-way mix soil. Hmmm… perhaps I need to order one of those soil sample kits. Get all scientific on it. This year I am celebrating the first ‘crop’ of blueberries. I’m guessing I will get 25-40 total berries. Not enough for pie but this is a milestone for these bushes – it is their 3rd year in the garden and the first year I allowed the fruit to ripen. Below is a squash. I don’t remember which. I have about 9 squash plants in the garden this year. A mix of summer and winter (pumpkins).  Stupid stunted chard. What is the deal? I thought this was supposed to be easy to grow. The scale may be off in this photo but in real lift these chards are tiny and NOT growing. The following are pictures of the garden documented row by row. Below is the far left row which is the potato patch with columbines upfront and a dahlia in the back.   Below is the chard and pumpkin patch with a black eyed susan vine in the background.  Below is the volunteer strawberry patch up front, followed by volunteer tomatoes, summer squash and dahlia in the back.  Oh yes, and some random green beans…another crop failure from this year.  Below is oregano, rosemary and poppies up front followed by cucumber, shelling peas and a tomato in the back. In the very back along the fence are hard to see blueberry bushes.   In front of the left raised bed is another dahlia, basil, a blank patch for carrots, random lettuces, and two tomatoes.  On the right side raised bed is oregano, nasturtiums and thyme in the front, followed by lemon cucumber, the last of the garlic, random lettuces and three tomatoes.   Then to the right of the raised beds are winter squash starts in the back, two more dahlias, dill, and an echinacea

I forgot to take a picture of the grape trellis which is starting to look legit. Overall, though, the whole garden looks like it needs a hug. We are at a disadvantage being situated between two huge fir trees with tons of shade. But I look at other veggie gardens and realize we still need to crack the code on this gardening thing.