Eat Me

2013: This blog chronicles whichever hobby happens to catch my interest at the moment. Lately that has been failing at DIY home improvement projects, local hiking and camping adventures and trying to grow some food in my new backyard.

2012 Revised: I want to sell my last fish tank, the garden is hanging in there and cooking is nice when others do it. Content is now generated from PacNW adventures with Charlie and really bad creations from ceramics class. I like avocados and summer.

2010 Revised: Still a lazy ass blog. I’ve killed off a few fish but the garden is doing good. Most of the content now is generated from adventures with CharChar and I’m beginning to be interested in cooking again. I like avocados.

2009 Revised:  I don’t like to cook. I do love my fish and garden. Future blog entries might cover KnorQ’s nascent interest in aquascaping and fish keeping.

2008 Revised: After experimenting with cooking KnorQ came to the conclusion that cooking and dirty dishes are kind of a pain in the ass. Though KnorQ still enjoys making the occasional pot of soup or loaf of bread, this blog has evolved into documenting KnorQ’s love affair with gardening.

2007: KnorQ’s Kitchen & Garden follows the culinary adventures of a novice cook who tries to grow her own food. Having mastered the can opener and microwave KnorQ resolved to delve into the world of measuring cups and stovetops. Armed with one pot, one pan and access to, KnorQ attempts to make tasty treats without all the fancy kitchen gear. In day to day eating, KnorQ is dedicated to healthy, organic, meatless meals–that is however, completely disregarded when KnorQ gets the blog on. Inspired by Mel Bartholomew, KnorQ started a small raised bed garden in the front yard and is attempting to stock the kitchen with fresh vegetables and herbs. KnorQ’s experiments with square-foot gardening will be documented in this blog along with the dishes prepared from the garden’s bounty.

**Big Thank You to Grandma who lent me her copy of Square Foot Gardening.