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Roadtrip > Oregon Coast Aquarium

On a recent road trip Char and I stopped off at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Cool aquarium tunnels. Some snaps:

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Touching pool

People at the aquarium talked about all the stuff on display that they would like to eat. Like these guys

I have a fish like this

Jellyfish - soothing to watch

More Jelly

Hello squishy


Aquarium update – 45G Freshwater

Pics of my 45g tank with two gravel eaters, 4 ruby barbs and 1 lovely bichir. Its a planted tank that needs some infill. I am going to drill holes in the main wood piece and fill it will trimmed Java fern to add height and shape. I would like to cover the “cave” wood piece to the left with baby sword growth eventually.