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This week around the yard 4.29.15


The clematis is going full force. Not sure what this one is called. It is an oldie and was here long before we arrived. In fact, I’m not entirely sure that its origins are from our side of the fence. It makes a nice backdrop to the Sangu Kaku (coral bark) maple we bought back in October 2012. If you look closely in the background you can see many new shoots on the fargesia robusta that was planted last year.

Above is the Metapanax delavayi – False Ginsing and below is the Impatiens Omeiana from last week’s HSPO haul 

Above (top) is Hookers Fairy Bells from the Soil and Water Conservation District’s Native Plant Sale, followed by a picture of the columbines from around the yard. I have been very pleased with a plant score from the 2014 HSPO sale — see below Fatshedera “Gold Heart”.  Below the peas and radishes are sprouting.   Most of the blog posts about the yard look generally the same but I’m hoping to change things up with the project below. This is the sloppy side yard that is overgrown and neglected. Over this past weekend I picked up a half ton of gravel and got to work installing a path and plantings. Like most projects around our house, I’ll be working at a snail’s pace…my goal is to have this done by June 1. That is a pretty generous timeline, right?


This week around the yard 4.12.2015

 Hello Hosta! Between hailstorms over the weekend I snapped a couple of pictures of the glowing right fir understory. This area is really coming alive. It is still a very experimental spot – I’ve killed many a plant in this area and am still learning what plants will thrive. One day it will be chock full of plants so thick you won’t see the ground. It is so bright and alive compared to how it looked in 2013.    

Above – the lilac has blossomed and below the very first of the dahlias have started to emerge.

Above is a little fern I picked up from the Soil and Water Conservation District’s Native Plant Sale. And below is one of the creepy face pots I made in beginner community college ceramics class — it gets a nice patina and creepier with age. 

Wowzers – I spied the first rose “Pumpkin Patch” – along with other pretty blooms from around the yard.

Next weekend is the HSPO sale! I must practice some self control and stay focused on my plant wish list: Mahonia ‘Soft Caress’; Astilboides tabularis; Begonia ‘Benichoma’; Syneilesis aconitifolia – shredded umbrella plant; Schefflera taiwaniana, Hydrangea ‘little honey’; more Fargesia Robusta bamboo…that’s a start. Also…very inspired by the sod removal from Just a Girl with a Hammer — it looks exhausting but what a difference! Maybe a project for next year?

This week in the garden


Above are the very last of the tomatoes. The tomato plants were pulled out, the soil was turned and garlic bulbs were planted (Spanish Rojo & Inchelium Red). The gourds were harvested  and the last of the herbs were picked to dry and store. There are a few flowers still surviving in the yard. I collected enough dahlias, roses and hydrangeas to put together a nice fall bouquet. There is still some clean up to do in the yard to prepare it for winter. Over the winter I will be planning for next season’s yard projects, reading seed catalogs in the bathtub and putting a “garden year in review” post together. I will miss my yard for the cold months but look forward to a winter of  good books, good movies and soup. Lots of soup.










Around the Yard: understory update

The other day I was out in the yard admiring the back-lighting on the plants under the right fir tree.  1.5 years ago this are was barren — it has been satisfying to experiment with new plants and watch this spot grow in.


Two years ago I started transplanting neglected ferns from other parts of the yard to this area and slowly I have added hostas, epimedium, more ferns, Heuchera, spiderwort, hellebores, trillium and crocus. Back in February of 2013 the Right Fir understory looked like this:

Over the past couple of months a few of the tiny, new ferns have put on some impressive growth.




The third fern from the top is is a crested male fern “Crispa Cristata” – not sure about the two above that. Need to get better at documenting these things…that is what the blog is for, right? Not sure what that plant is directly above — I thought it was a baby fern at first but…not so sure.  Below are some shots from the fir tree on the other side of yard. I recently expanded the planting beds here and all the transplants are still quite small. New plantings in this area include blood grass, bishops weed, variegated St. John’s wort, Mahonia aquifolium, along with the existing rose campion — basically a hodgepodge of aggressive spreaders. Anchoring this area are a small hardy fuschia, ostrich fern and a arching Japanese holly fern I picked up at the HSPO sale. Also – the ugly pottery collection is clustered under this tree next to the new-ish Fatshedera ‘Gold Heart’ planted this past spring.



This week in the edible garden 1

Check out this pretty tomato:


Ugh! Dammit! Brown on the bottom, mealy on the inside. Thankfully that is not true for all of the tomatoes – just most of the big ones

Still harvesting greenbeans and I’ve had success ripening some of the larger tomatoes indoors in a brown paper bag with apple peel.




Pumpkin is big and getting its orange! The vine, however, looks like it is dying and getting moldy – I need to read up on this situation.




This week in the edible garden

20140728-090205-32525842.jpg Harvesting: Green beans, summer squash, herbs, kale, chard Planting: Nada Growing: tomatoes, green beans, beets, cucumber (tiny cukes this week – see above), zucchini, summer squash, pumpkin, chard, kale, grapes, blueberries, sweet peas, herbs of all sorts Gave up on:  Nothing this week – the garden seems to be in a happy place. 20140728-090229-32549112.jpg   Above – Pumpkin! It is putting on rapid growth – I need to put some netting up before I lose it to crows. This week is also my first harvest of green beans. 20140728-090227-32547014.jpg 20140728-090228-32548074.jpg   20140728-090259-32579700.jpg 20140728-090353-32633331.jpg 20140728-090352-32632423.jpg 20140728-090352-32632003.jpg 20140729-093210-34330267.jpg
Yes!!!! I see some reddening happening on that tomato! Speaking of which – the tomatoes are out of control but last night I checked out our friend, Sarah’s, tomato trellis system and I have some ideas for next year. I should have taken a photo – below is our tomato tangle. The scale is off but the plants on the right  are nearing 7ft tall. 20140729-093211-34331008.jpg 20140729-093209-34329423.jpg   One last pumpkin shot with my shoe for size reference.

This week in the edible garden



Harvesting: Chard, carrots, arugula, zucchini and other summer squash, herbs and very last of the lettuce until fall.

Planting: Kale

Growing: Tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, grapes, blueberries, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumbers, beets, carrots, kale, strawberries, chard, sweet peas, herbs of all sorts
Gave up on:  Blueberries – they don’t like it their spot in the garden. I will have to do some rearranging come fall.







This tomato makes me very happy. This week the cucumbers are blossoming and the first tiny fruits are forming. The first of the zucchini was harvested. The green beans (blurry above) are bulking up as well as the pumpkin (not pictured)

This week in the yard

I’m trying to learn how to propagate clematis from seed…hmmm…It looks like a lot of work — need to do some reading on this topic.
The first Dahlia bloom – seem here with the Shirley poppies gone wild.
The rose below is “Dolly Parton” – yes, I bought it because I love Dolly Parton but also because it smells sooo good. I planted her last fall and she is not doing so good – bad case of black spot. In the background is a hydrangea a co-worker gave me as a house warming gift almost two years ago and my latest rose bed addition “shockwave” in the back right.

Below is the little bamboo/coral bark maple corner that was completed in April — I am so happy to see how much this area has grown. Well most of it has grown.

This bamboo below was purchased from some craigslist dude and is supposed to be fargasia  robusta. Mostly it just looks dead:

This bamboo below  was  bought from a vendor at a garden show – It has gained some height and is doing alright. It is also fargasia  robusta.

This bamboo below was purchased from Bamboo Garden Nursery – a mecca for all things bamboo – and it is going gangbusters! It has put on a ton of  height and has over 6 new shoots. Lesson learned – buy from the best (or at least a legit) nursery when you really want your plants to thrive.
In other news – did I mention I have poppies and they make me really happy? Ha!

Above — I scattered the columbine seeds that were collected last July and now there are little columbine plants everywhere. Below is the left fir understory which is holding up nicely in the heat.



This week in the edible garden

Harvesting: Potatoes, lettuce, herbs, baby chard,  carrots, the last of the shelling peas.
Planting: Nothing this week
Growing: tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, lettuce, grapes, zucchini, fall squash, cucumbers, beets, carrots, strawberries, chard, sweet peas, arugula, herbs of all sorts
Gave up on:  The shelling peas – short season this year and a very low yield. We tried a new variety this year (need to confirm the type) and it did NOT do well in the garden.

Nice crop of volunteer potatoes this year.  The potato above might have been left in the ground a wee bit too long. Carrots are loving the new raised beds – this is the best crop yet.

Above — Clearly there was no  tomato pruning regimen — whoops. Below is the volunteer pumpkin vine with green beans and grapes in the background
The green beans and gourds both flowered this week.

Summer squash above and the garden haul below. We had a great garden feast on Sunday – Roasted carrots with honey-thyme butter, green salad, roasted rosemary potatoes and minted peas — all from the garden!

This week in the edible garden

Harvesting: Potatoes, lettuce, herbs, baby chard.
Planting: Fall squash, carrots, last round of green beans.
Growing: tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, lettuce, grapes, zucchini, fall squash, cucumbers, beets, carrots, strawberries, chard, sweet peas, arugula, herbs of all sorts
Gave up on:  broccoli – it bolted right away… I should have planted it earlier
Above, the first of the tomato flowers are out. Below is a volunteer squash, peas and potatoes on the left, poppies, lettuce, tomato and lettuce on the right.
Digging for spuds! Below are the volunteer strawberries I’ve been finding around the yard and transplanting into the garden.
Above is the tomato bed in early May – below the same bed in late June.
Above – peas! At last! Below…something took a bite of my apple. My one and only apple…time to invest in some netting. I had a similar situation with the pumpkin last year.
The garden spends a good amount of time shaded by fir trees so it is a little slow to launch but things are picking up momentum and I’m looking forward to some garden meals soon.