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Road Trip > John Day River


We rented a raft at Service Creek and headed out to the John Day River for a day float on the 4th of July. I love this river! Very mellow float as you can see from the pictures — typically the water level means no more rafting after July 8th or so… we caught the last float of the season. There were some folks hanging out on the shore but I don’t think we saw another boat on the 7 mile trip. We did encounter a beaver — my first beaver sighting in Oregon. This year we put in at Mile post 86 and took out at Service Creek — the float was nice but this is not my favorite part of the river. I highly recommend the Twickenham to Clarno for an overnight float as we did in 2011 – we also enjoyed launching from Service Creek for a day float (from our 2010 trip) – both of these sections of the river are more secluded and scenic.




Turkey Week Travels > Day One > Ashland, OR

Road trip time. Destination = Turkey. CP and I loaded up the car and headed for California’s Central Valley. We left the Saturday before Thanksgiving and made our way down the I-5 in a flock of Ducks fans.

In the flock of fans heading south

We stopped in Ashland, OR to rest for the night. This town is cute. I’ve been wanting to visit here for the Shakespeare festival for years…unfortunately, the festival had just wrapped for the year. We had a nice dinner  at Standing Stone then chose to go to a nice pub (?) with a fire place to watch the Ducks v. USC on. Apparently the crowd was more Thea-A-ter oriented aka cultured or something because I was the only one watching the game and jumping up to yell go Go GOOOO!! And generally making an ass out of myself. When the Ducks lost a few people said ‘awww’. We stayed at the cute and affordable Columbia Inn which is right in the heart of the Festival area from what I understand. I plan to stay there next time I’m in town to see plays. Also, next time I plan to stop into the Caldera Taproom. I like their beers. So much to do here I wish we had more time. CP called it the Jackson Hole of Oregon minus the skiing plus the Bard.


Road Trip > Oregon Coast > Part One

Quick get away this weekend to the Oregon Coast. Cruised the forested highway 26 over to Tillamook – skipping the cheese factory in favor of a beach picnic in the sun in Manzanita. We headed south making stops at several random beach town shops selling everything from myrtlewood cutting boards to light bulbs filled with Oregon rain. I want one of those light bulbs. We found a camp spot practically on the beach and had just settled in to a can of Hamms and a round of Gin Rummy when our camping neighbors came over with two freshly caught, cleaned and cooked crabs. Wow! Yum! Thanks! Fully smelling of the sea and done with cards we capped the night with a pitch black beach stroll.

CP on the sea wall looking for whales

Complimentary crabs with Hamm's

Lovely Oregon coastal scape


Road trip> Boise, ID

From Baker City, Oregon we headed to Boise, ID. I’ve been curious about this town. We found it to be very clean and full of white women with very toned arms. We stayed at The Modern Hotel which was very hip and had comfortable beds. We hung out downtown, walked to Boise Arts Festival where we encountered cotton candy poodles and ended up mingling with locals at Nuerolux. If we had more time and I had my way we would have also caught a show at Shakespeare Idaho and rented bikes to cruise the greenbelt that runs through town. If you are there in the summer you can float through the middle of the city. I’ll be back to do more exploring. Didn’t get many pictures but here are a couple of snaps:

Outside The Modern Hotel in Boise, Idaho

Call the humane socieity. Walking cotton candy at the Boise Arts Festival

Road Trip > Oregon > John Day River

To celebrate the coming of summer Char and I headed out to the John Day wilderness and river for a float trip. This was an amazing trip and the furthest east either of us have been in Oregon.  The climate is high desert with some scattered pines. The hills still had a touch of green from the late rains and the John Day river was flowing. The entire trip down the river we only saw 2 other parties – most of the time we were on our own on the lazy river.  Paradise. We camped at Bear Hollow Park then headed to Service Creek Stag Stop for pancakes and rafts. Service Creek Stage Stop is an Oregon treasure. Good people, good cakes, good rafts. I will return.

The wind generators are huge up close - there were fields of them south of The Dalles

We camped at Bear Hollow south of Fossil, Or. Camping Kabobs. Yum

The lovely John Day river

Raft and Sandy Beaches

Lewis and Clark

Boat Power

The water was chilly but not too bad considering it is fresh melt off of 'Hood

Road Trip> Umpqua Light House/Oregon Central Coast

On a lovely sunny day Char and I headed over to the Oregon Coast to spend a few days at a cabin at Umpqua Light House State park — on the journey south we visited Devil’s Punch Bowl, and had food at the Chowder Bowl in Nye Beach, we saw bones at a Heceta Head Lighthouse lookout – strangely human looking bones. I asked some other tourists about it but they did not seem concerned…whaaaa? Anyhoo — The state parks cabins are a treasure – cheap, heated and fun. Our porch overlooked Lake Marie which I would like to swim in when it is warm out. We bbq’d and defended chips and salsa from aggressive blue-jays and laid down some dominoes & drank beers next to the fire in the evenings. We hiked around Lake Marie and made an arduous trek over sand dunes to try to find the damn beach. This area is rich with chainsaw tree trunk craftsmen – You want a giant wooden bear? This is the area to visit. Some pics:

Devil's Punch Bowl on the Oregon Coast

Wood Gnome

Rare sighting in the Oregon coastal wilds: handsome beast. Makes fire, cuts steak

A walk in the dunes

Roadtrip > Oregon Coast Aquarium

On a recent road trip Char and I stopped off at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Cool aquarium tunnels. Some snaps:

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Touching pool

People at the aquarium talked about all the stuff on display that they would like to eat. Like these guys

I have a fish like this

Jellyfish - soothing to watch

More Jelly

Hello squishy

Hike>Fall Creek Falls

We went on a hike to Fall Creek Falls on a beautiful day. Some pics:

Old leaf in the sun

walking down the fall creek fall trail




The falls!

Road Trip > California > Casa De Fruta

Casa de Fruta

Casa de Fruta is a roadside oasis that began in 1908 as a humble stand selling goods from their orchards. They now dub themselves as a “Roadside Orchard Resort” and boast buildings filled with fruit, nuts, strands of braided garlic, bins of candy, local citrus, wine tasting, bathrooms, antique farm equipment, gas station, RV hookups, a miniature train, pounds of salt water taffy, a two-story carousel, ponds with ducks, a café that serves buffalo burgers. There is probably a petting zoo somewhere. It’s the story of car culture and the American Dream, baby!

Casa de Fruta Entertainment

Casa de Fruta

Old farm stuff - Casa de Fruta

John Deer Wheel

And next time, Char, we ride the train ya hear?!

Road Trip > Oakland > Fox Theater

Char and I had the opportunity to check out the new Fox Theater in Oakland when we went to see Wolfmother. The show was badass and theater was gorgeous – they did an amazing job restoring the place complete with giant golden Nordic Buddha men who’s eyes shoot lasers when the acts really get rocking. Har!